K0-HaNa Review

Hey there Pirate Crew! So excited to bring you this review of Robot Rocket Miniatures second release K0-HANA. This will be the first review under the new review system that was discussed check it out here! Without further ado lets jump into talking about this lovely piece (The box art above was painted by Drew Palies

More should be available in the next coming weeks here http://www.robotrocketminiatures.co.uk/



Credit for the Sculpture goes to Pedro Fernández Ramos




I think this is a really very lovely female bust. Her pose is contemplative but also ready for action. She is also not overly sexualized but still very fit and attractive. She feels like a strong warrior who has collected artifacts from her kills but is still able to observe the beauty of the world. She is simple enough in design leaving it open to painting freehands, I expect to see a lot of versions of this model! It has enough detail to keep a person from being bored as well, this is a very difficult balance to maintain and my hats off to the sculptor. Most of the anatomy seems to be on point which is very satisfying especially for a Half Figure Bust. Everything is exaggerated in the right places as well to compliment the painting.



As for feedback I Really only have a couple of things.

The first is the eyes. They are sculpted onto the figure this can be easily remedied by removing the sculpted eyes with an exacto but I would still like to control what direction they are looking without having to go through the extra effort. I understand that she is bionic/cyborg like but it feels like she has a confused expression at times.




Second is the head it feels like she is looking past, or over the main focal point. So its the same as with the eyes and I feel as though it gives the bust a confused expression.

Third and final is a personal point more than anything. I wish the helmet was optional. She has such a lovely face that it would have been nice to have the chance to paint it alone while being able to place the helmet on the plinth or excluding it entirely.



Casting was done by Manuel Pariente Miniatures

Overall The casting was very well done with only 2-3 small bubbles, very few casting lines that were placed in great locations as well as nice and crisp details.




The only real issues that I had were in 2 locations there appeared to be bits of resin or the mold that had not mixed properly or got caught in the cast.



So overall very few problems with the models. I recognize that casting is not always an easy process and there will always be a margin of error. Thankfully I have had a good friend educate me in the way these things go. Thank you to the caster for doing such a great job here.



Produced by Matthew Pierce




So now we come to the final piece of feedback! I’m not going to waste time going over the details listed above. Matthew has a great eye for presentation and that shows in the final delivered package as well as the bust itself. Going out of his way to make sure that the shipping is as low as possible is the first place I will start. Next up is the packaging, the box is a simple 4×4 inch black box with the company logo upon opening it you will find a small paragraph written by Paul Bullock to inspire you.




After removing the black foam topper you find the figure bubble wrapped with the bits and black shredded paper surrounding her. I always like to dig a little bit deeper and found one of those anti-drying do not eat these tablets.



Needless to say its the all of the attention to detail and all of the little pieces that come together to create a great experience. This is the level of production you would come to expect from a big name company, not a new venture producing its second piece.



I am sure I’m not alone in saying that this figure is well worth the £45.00 ($59.99) price tag. The presentation and fantastic sculpt are sure to keep any painter stuck to their desk for hours and hours painting this small beauty. Pick her up HERE in the next few weeks!

Keep an eye on Robot Rocket Miniatures.
They’ve only just begun.

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