Anonymous Busts

Wanted to make a page just for my Anonymous busts! I’ll give a little info on each and where I was physically and emotionally for each one.


Anonymous #1 – Replicant (acrylic)

Van Gogh an


This was the bust that was painted at Alfonso’s Denver workshop in 2015. Painted over the course of about 4 hours. The bust has always reminded me of the Villin in the film Blade Runner so I wanted to place a lot of ambient light all over.


Anonymous #2 – Young Vampire (acrylic)

Young Vamp


Painted in Springfield 2015 a week or so after Alfonso’s workshop I got the itch to paint this after TV show The Strains artwork came out.  Intended to be a young vampire under some kind of blacklight. My excitement from the class  got the best of me, but a fun 3 hours.

Anonymous #3 – Impasto (oil)


Painted in Springfield early 2016 after a breakup I was feeling emotionally akin to Van Gogh. Wanting to study his impasto method but not having success digitally and with no canvas I decided to paint over the last version to paint this one.  The reaction to this one was a surprise to me. About 8 hours to finish.

Anonymous #4 – Dali 1934 (acrylic)


Painted in Venice Italy, on a picnic table. This was a part of processing all the information I was taking in during my travels. Painted as a study of a full scale female bust Dali Painted in 1934. Im very pleased with it, as with most of Dali’s work it is very surreal. My interpretation is that the left side of the face is the side that is shown to the world with only the good internal view showing outwardly. Whereas the Right side shows the true self, Alone in the desert with the mountains in the distance.  Painted in 3 hours.