Nemo Bust Review

Hello there and welcome to another review! Today on the table we have the Limited Edition Bust of Sebastian Nemo  from Privateer Press.

Nemo unboxed

Fortunately I was able get my hands on this incredible looking bust at Adepticon this year right after they announced its release on their website and Facebook.

Nemo 2
Nemo Version 2 by Dallas Kemp

This bust is the love child of some of Privateer Press’ best including Dallas Kemp , Nathan Lombardi and Doppleganger. It is absolutely fantastic that they were able to bring us another bust steaming out of  Privateer Press’ incredibly well fleshed out Iron Kingdom!

With all of that being said let’s go ahead and hop into checking out the bust, its packaging and chatting briefly about its price.


The bust is packaged very well in a “sock” of bubble wrap for lack of a better word. This along with a robust square box provides ample protection for the cast resin figure inside.

The bust itself is composed of three pieces:

Nemo unboxed

The main piece of the figure is cast with the body, Nemos arcane accumulator, and a small stand for the model already attached. This small stand can be removed easily with snips and a little bit of trimming if one were to require alternate mounting.  There where no major casting issues but still a casting line at certain places. However, there was care taken to ensure that there was no clean up on the large plates of armor.

Nemo side

 A small amount of flash was found in between the armor and his stand, but this can be cleaned with a sharp knife. The only criticism is that the casting line along the arcane accumulator can be tricky to clean.

Nemo back

The two pieces of the armor that are attached to the tops of the shoulders are also well cast with a small casting line running down the center with a small amount of plastic at the ends that can be easily cleaned and snipped away.

Upon further inspection I could not find a single bubble!

Coming in at the price of 39.99$ this bust is an absolute steal with similar sized and sculpted busts coming in at the 50-60$ range. When I got to the check out at Adepticon I was happy to be getting such a great product for such a fair price.

That’s all I have to say in regards to the casting now onto my opinions of the bust itself!

Nemo front

Personally the whole structure and position of the figure is very nice. It’s a little bit static but this only matches the stoic character Nemo. The shoulder pads of the figure can also be left off of the bust to change the look of the figure. After chatting with Dallas, I learned that this initially was a casting decision that the sculptor ran with ensuring that if it had to be removed it would look just as cool with the shoulder add on as without them.

The large armor plates will allow a painter to explore an incredible amount of textures, materials and free hands without it being exhausting.

The face is also sculpted on the younger side of middle age allowing a great range of ages to be painted. I expect to see Nemos from his mid 20’s all the way into his 80’s.


Speaking of faces the bust also has the look of the actor Daniel Day Lewis (below) with dark hair and Sam Elliot (above) with lighter hair. Personally I think this is pretty cool as one could watch one of their films for further inspiration.


My over all feeling with this bust is that is it very impressive and great to see a nice male bust after the excellent female bust of Skarre that was produced last year.

Over all I’m going to give this bust a 4 out of 5. This is mainly for the clean up work that has to be done over the model.  It’s exciting to see a company to be producing a line of bust, and in order to get more we have to continue to support these efforts! With that being said, my hats off to the creative team at Privateer Press!

You can pick this bust up HERE!

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