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 Hey there everyone!

In an effort to keep this blog more organized I’m going to start to keep track of all of the travel articles in their proper sequence here! Of course the articles will still show up in the normal feed but I’ve been writing so much that this has become necessary!

Just a little background on this adventure and a little bit about myself!

Last year (2016). Early in the my fiance broke off the engagement. Leaving my accumulated plans for life shattered once again, not to sound to dramatic. I had every thing planned out, I was saving for a wedding, a house, a car, I had a 401k and a stable job that I was excelling in.

But as it ends up, I had been shaped by my relationship and was no longer myself. So I decided to leave it all behind and travel and learn, deciding that I would pursue my dream of being a professional artist.

I ended up discovering travel by bicycle also known as Bicycle Touring and after a little bit of research I decided that was how I was going to explore Europe.

This is the log of all of those adventures and experiences. Its written as a Journal of sorts, My thanks goes out to Alfonso Giraldes and Rafael Garcia Marin for encouraging me to write my book.

The Beginning

Making plans

Adepticon 2016

Quitting My Job


England Part 1

England Part 2 


Paris Part 1 

Paris Part 2 

Paris Part 3

Bicycle Tour

Bike Tour Part 1

Bike Tour Part 2

Bike Tour Part 3

Bike Tour Part 4

San Sebastian

San Sebastian Part 1


Madrid Part 1

Madrid Part 2

Madrid Part 3

Madrid Part 4

Madrid Part 5 

Visit the Big Child Studio Part 1

Visit the Big Child Studio Part 2

Visit with Rafael

Visit with Alfonso 


Barcelona Part 1

Barcelona Part 2

Visit with Jeroni

Voyage Across the Mediterranean


Rome Part 1

Rome Part 2

Vatican Museum


Florence Part 1

Florence Part 2 

Florence Part 3



Venice Part 1

Venice Part 2