Review – A Long Road

Hey Pirate Crew! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little review.

It’s been over a year since I’ve done one of these and I’m excited to tell you about this new miniature and also review it!

You can also watch a unboxing and video review here


Before I jump in I want to give you an Idea about how I grade a miniature. The main points of criticism will on the casting quality. So Flash, Bubbles, and Casting Lines and Packaging as these are things that can be controlled to some extent. Other points will be about the packaging, extras and such

There will be an opinion section to speak on the creativity but it will not be grade it as it is  very subjective and opinion based.

Robot Rocket Miniatures is a new miniature company on the scene out of England, When I was informed that they were releasing a new miniature I jumped at the chance to get it as Matthew Pierce has a great eye. With Olivier Bouchet Sculpting and Paul Bullock contributing only made me more excited


The Package showed up packed very tightly, the exterior box is perfect for the Miniature Box and there was just a single sheet of bubble wrap. this was good packing and well planned out.

Here is the Miniatures Box, nicely crafted with the Logo embossed on the outside.


Inside the box we initially find a company sticker, a short poem and the figure ID card that includes information about the number cast, the sculptor, and the casting company.


Under these nice additions and a piece of foam we find the two piece bust and a small plinth. The plinth is in perfect proportion to the bust being 2/3rd’s its height and width.


The over all initial thought is that this feels like a miniature that’s been produced by a company that has been doing this for a very long time. Every element down to a little silica bag was placed intentionally and it’s all of these small pieces coming together that give such a fantastic impression.


The miniature itself is fantastically cast with only a very small casting line on the back of the neck that has already had a small amount of cleaning.  There where also no visible bubbles on the miniature. The bottom of the bust is a bit coarse but over all is not a major concern.


 The Pipe has a small piece of flashing on it as well as small casting lines but this is as “bad” as it gets.


In terms of my over all opinion with the bust I feel like it is fairly unique. Coming in at 35£ (42$) one gets a dwarf with his pipe relaxing is a nice alternative to the numerous dwarf busts with weapons. The figure makes me feel nostalgic for the feelings I had for fantastic adventure stories from my youth.

On the sculpt itself there are plenty of details and surfaces to keep any painter happy for a long time. There is a nice mix of all of these things that gives it a nice simplicity but also enough to challenge you.

This bust gets a 5 out of 5 for me!!

You can order the bust here and here on March 31st


If you are a company producing miniatures and busts and are interested in having your product reviewed please email at

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