Venice – Part 1

Hi there welcome to another episode of my travel blog. As ive stated before this is mainly my own recollection, a journal of sorts. Here’s a link to the last travel article and of course to the previous hobby related blog




The train ride from Florence to Venice was an adventure of its own, It took me about a half hour to find a suitable route that would take me from Firenze to Bologna and then finally to Venice. I knew I was going to have a interesting day when the man replacing the tickets refused to help me figure out a route only to kick me off of my own ticket machine. The conversation pretty much went like this.

me in italian ” Hello I need to go to Venice with my bike”

ticket man  ” I don’t care I need to replace the tickets, move”

Me “May I finish getting my tickets?”

Man aggressively “no move”

Me now in english “excuse you?”

Man now in english “go the f*#k away”

Me ” well f#^k you asshole!”

Man “f!*k you to!”

He started to walk between me and the machine at this point and there was nothing I could do besides give him the middle finger. This all went pretty much unnoticed as it was pretty much par for the course in Italy. Eventually the I got a path figured out by going through the customer service section. I had to wait around for about an hour or so. The same beger kept begging at me and after the 3rd time blerted out, in english

“I’m so broke I may as well ask you for money man, the answer hasn’t changed.”

to which he replied in italian “f%$k you!”

to which I replied in english “f@#k you to!”




Needless to say it was a rough start to the day, this level of italian confrontation had not been directed at me before, but oddly enough I had been in the country long enough that it didn’t really rile me up as much as it should have. It was strangely satisfying to know that after almost three weeks I was on the other side of the culture shock curve for the country




Eventually my train arrived and sadly I left the city that I had fallen in love with. The rest of the journey was easy going thankfully with no shouting.  There was no time to really explore Bologna besides a brief look outside of the train station before having to hop on my next ride to Venice, for this latter part of the trip I was attempting to locate accommodations I had no luck finding anything in the city within my limited budget for the week and a half that I had to kill before leaving to visit my friend Linnea in Germany so I started looking outside the city to camping locations. There was a whole slew of them outside Venice to the north east arm of the bay near Ca’Savio,




When I finally arrived I had my new goal in hand, we just had to navigate through this beautiful city, Doris and I. We soon realized that this was not going to be a easy task as the city is extremely cramped. The reduction in street space creates such an incredible atmosphere. The shade produced by all of the buildings being so close together is another giant perk.




Many times the city felt like a maze occasionally opening up onto large plazas with closed wells at the center, It gave the impression of a place that was not entirely earthy but trapped in its own unique world.




Passed by some of the important sights which were of course beautiful but what struck me the most about Venice where the small secluded alleyways.





Eventually I made it to the east side of the city and after a short period of searching I found a boat that could take me to my destination.





After purchasing my ticket there was another period of waiting as the boat could only hold so many passengers at a time, I was able to catch a ride on the second boat. It was lovely feeling the cool sea air on my face once again. after a 45 min journey we arrived at the small port and I took off on my bicycle happy to be able to ride again after being stuck walking doris in all the cramped streets of Venice





The small arm of the bay was thankfully very secluded, lots of little farms and fisheries dotted its shores and land. After checking the prices at three different campgrounds I settled on the Marina Di Venezia

There was only one rule don’t lose your admissions bracelet





After getting my tent set up I did a quick cycle tour of the camp which was giant. It held multiple restaurants as well as a camping goods store grocery store a large pool with an amusement section and finally a little venue for shows and such. The whole camp also had wifi! And just to top it all off the beach was just a thousand meters away from my tent. That evening I picked up some sandwich materials and sat on the beach enjoying a well deserved meal after a long day.




The next few days passed in a fairly similar rotation of waking up, getting some breakfast, heading to the beach to eat it. returning to camp to charge my phone and draw, lunch, a nap then returning to the beach to watch the sunset over venice. I was doing all of this as well for about 20$ a day including food. I wasn’t eating like a king but It was enough.




It was nice to just take a break from the never ending travel and let my mind and body rest and recover.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, these are fun to write and I hope they are fun to read as well. I try to write them not only for myself but for my family and friends that haven’t had the chance to travel much



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