Florence Part 3

Hi and welcome back! these post have become more and more infrequent with the pick up of commissions as well as editing and patreon work. Which is a good thing! Here are links to the last hobby post and the last travel post!


After my outing in the previous day I felt the need just to take it easy once again before exploring the city, the heat and dry climate of florence put me in a strange place of relaxation. Though the day was generally uneventful later in the evening I managed to bond with the flat caretaker who had scolded me on a previous day, The pregnant Turkish woman had been bustling around cleaning, after interrogating me with  questions about messes that earnestly not mine. I made my way to the kitchen and noticed her open the freezer whose interior was in a state of chaos. She sighed and said to herself in italian how will I clean this.. Wanting to make friends and also seeking some relief from the heat I volunteered to chip away at the iced out freezer. She seemed unsure at first but gave in as the idea of cleaning the ice showed itself as an expression of disgust on her face.

The Only thing I got done that day.

With butter knife in hand I chipped away at the now slowly melting ice that consumed the small box. The cleaning lady continued with her chores, checking on me occasionally. once she finished her job she sat and chatted with me, By the time the freezer was cleaned  we had become good friends.  When SHe found out I was an artist she asked me to draw her and her husband. It never got finished but she was still happy to have a little memento.

The girls were surprised at our new found friendship and quizzed me about the change in personality that had occurred in our ruler.

On my final Day I decided to visit the home of Michelangelo’s David, The Academia. Thankful on that day the busses were running on the normal route and I managed to get into town a lot more quickly. The line to the museum was already a good 300 meters in length when I arrived. Thankfully I had prepared by bringing my trusty sketchbook. I killed time by sketching and chatting to my neighbours in line.


Once the admission fee was paid I made my way into A long hall that featured Michelangelo’s purposefully unfinished sculptures all 4 at a different point of finish. It was astounding and also eye-opening as you not only get to see into the sculptors process but also ponder the message of the 4 unfinished slaves attempting to free themselves from their physical prison.


At the end of the hall standing in the open is the goliath pillar that is David, trapped forever in his moment of decision.


The scale of the sculpture is truly astonishing, 3-4 times larger than a normal man stands. After walking around it a few times I decided to sit and sketch him. Because how many times does one have the opportunity to do so in life.

The rest of the museum though interesting seemed like a distraction the focal point of The David. a few of the paintings were beautiful but not well-lit not allowing one to fully appreciate their beauty


After leaving the museum I decided that the time had come to cross the river and climb the hill. It was nice to be able to enjoy the city one last time before leaving., The ponte Vecchio was crowded and noisy but once over the river the atmosphere immediately changed to one of quiet and solitude. The climb up to the plaza was long following narrow streets to a stairway that was composed of many irregular stones that eventually lead to a final narrow walkway to the plaza.


the view at the top was worth the climb, All of Florence was laid out below me the Duomo its prominent feature. the plaza held a replica of Michelangelo’s David.


I spent some time just looking at the old city with the Tuscan mountains providing a beautiful backdrop


When leaving I realized that the restaurant at the top of the hill was the one featured in the final Dark Knight Batman Movie, it was funny to stumble upon such a well-known film location by accident


As I approached the Duomo during my walk home I noticed that a large crowd had gathered near the entrance. Soon I found out that  an Italian General from Florence had passed away and the funeral was being held at the church. The whole ceremony was something from trapped time. It could have been the renaissance or some time in the future, but We knew that this was a tradition that had been repeated time and again since the church’s completion.


When I got home three new members had arrived, a young Texan who was insistent upon getting drunk and two lovely ladies from Germany. One was German Irish and the mix of accents was enough to alone to melt my heart a little bit. After Declining the Texans request to join him in his drinking escapades I made some dinner. I chatted with the lovely German/Irish girl trying to flirt in but probably utterly failing at my attempts. But she stuck around and continued chatting so I couldn’t have been doing to terribly.


Sophie had been packed up and took off that evening to catch a train north to Milan We all hugged and said goodbye wishing her safe travels. After dinner I followed suit and began to pack for my own travels early the following day to Venice.

Thanks for stopping by, Florence will go down as one of my favorite places in Italy, there is something in this place that inspires creativity, this is a sentiment that has been echoed by many other artist I have spoken to. It was also the first time in a long time I had great company around me, I can’t thank Sophie, Vitoria , and Daniella enough for their friendship.

Heres to Florence!

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