Florence Part 2

It’s been a while! I’ve been incredibly busy with getting my Patreon up and running!

Here’s the links to the last travel blog and the last hobby blog!

Flat Room. My bed on the left, Sophie’s on the right. 

After my day of exploration I took a day off. The day mainly consisted of napping and watching some movies over netflix with intermittent breaks to get some coffee at the cafe.  Mid way through the afternoon one of the cleaners of the mini hostel came by and proceeded to scold me for how dirty the room was even though my section was really put together.


Only my shoes were sitting on the ground and they were quickly moved to the closet. Eventually she finished her task and not to long after Vitoria and Daniella arrived back from their own day of touring Florence. They wanted to make some dinner and we soon took off on a search for a grocery store. Thankfully I had mobile data because T-Mobile hooked it up all summer, we consulted the oracle and departed to the store which was actually just around the corner from the cafe I had been giving patronage.


The COOP was a large store by european standards but still only about a third the size of your average walmart. We hunted around and departed back for home.

Vitoria made them some pasta with a cream and tuna sauce. I contented myself with some Aglio Olio. By this time our danish friend  Sophie had arrived and I offered the rest of the noodles as I couldn’t finish them.


The proceeding day I arose to find the room empty. It was a nice surprise to have the flat all to myself. With no plans in mind I grabbed my sketchbook and drawing box and headed to my cafe for a little breakfast. It was already hot by 10 am.


I waited by the bus stop after eating for some time only to be told by a passing woman that the bus wasn’t running due to road work. I attempted to locate another stop but the wait for the bus would have been another 20 min and by then I could just walk to town and so I did. On the way I decided I would just walk around town and sketch. Just take in the city and relax a little more.


Eventually I found myself back at the Duomo I walked around the structure a few more times before deciding to head over the plaza near the Uffizi to draw the sculptures in the garden. After a short but scorching hot walk to the old square I arrived. I walked through the light security and found a seat where I could admire the Marble sculptures at length

With my sketch pad and pencil in hand I proceeded to do some gestural drawings of the sculpture taking about 5 min a piece to attempt to capture the motion and feeling rather than the fine details

After a quick lunch I returned to the plaza to draw and admire some more. I was still feeling rather tired so I decided to walk home the long way in an attempt to see some new sites.

Florence has nearly endless gems of architecture and sculpture scattered around so my wandering was rewarded. Even the streets have a simple beauty to them .


After arriving home I found the gang returned. I offered to make some dinner for everyone. The girls were happy not to have to worry about cooking and I was happy to take care of some people for an evening. It was a simple spaghetti but it left every one satisfied and all the carbs made the troop of us sleepy.


That’s all for now! Next up will be my trip to the Academia!

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