The Mediterranean

The Pirate Monkey gets to sail! In all honesty though this was one of the most memorable experiences of the journey and I’m excited to share it with you. Here is the link to the last travel blog and also the last hobby blog!


Here we go!

Once I arrived to the port I discovered that I had to wait a bit longer surprise surprise. Thankfully there was good cell reception. I parked my bike and watched a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory. Unruly little kids were playing all around bouncing a ball and chasing after it. With every lap they came closer and closer to my bike. Each time with the parents scolding them until one little boy managed to topple the towering steel monstrosity. He lunged out-of-the-way and narrowly avoided it falling on him. His mother stomped over in a fury grabbing him by his ear and dragging him to his father who couldn’t be bothered. I had already gotten up to stand my bike back up when he came over and apologized head hung low. I accepted his apology and handed him the rubber ball that had become lodged in my luggage with a smile on my face. He returned the gesture and then him and the other kids went back to bouncing the ball. Whenever it came close I would reach out and attempt to catch it to their surprise, then bounding it off of an adjacent wall to keep the game going.


Eventually Boarding time came. I was told that my bike was to be treated a vehicle in the loading process so I cycled out to the lot and sat in my parking space until a man waved at me to come over. Thankfully I was told I was boarding early because I took up a small amount of room. I followed outside the line of cars and approached the gaping mouth of the seacraft. I stopped until waived on and cycled up the ramp of the boat, one of the men gestured to the side and I locked my bike up and made my way to the upper decks.


Climbing 7 flights of stairs with my 2 bags was tiring after my busy day, I wandered up and down until I found a customer service desk and asked where I could stow my luggage. A kind woman showed me to a large general area, I walked around to the back left side of this room and deposited my bags into the highest most out of reach place. I opted to keep all my valuables on me just in case.


I made my way to the deck to get some fresh air. I wanted to watch the sun cascade over the Catalonian mountains to the west. After walking around the ship I settled into one of those white plastic lawn chairs many of which were strewn across the deck. as the sun set a Turkish man pulled up a chair and began to play his Oud which is similar to a Mandolin. He played on into the night as the ship departed and the winds of the sea whipped over the bow of the ship. I looked out to that black abyss to find the other ships seemingly floating across space itself.


later before departing I had a short broken conversation with the Turkish man thanking him for his music and asking what the guitar was. Eventually I went down to the lower decks to find my belongings and attempt to get some sleep.


In an attempt to save some money I didn’t get a room so I was in the large room where my bags were stowed. all of the double chairs already had residents so I unpacked my sleeping bag and sweatshirt opting to lay on the cool floor of the ship. It wasn’t all that bad sleeping on my back feeling the gentle vibration of the engine so many decks below. I was warm and my stomach was full so there was nothing to complain of.


I awoke the next morning right as the sun was rising over the Sardinian island to the east. the sky was crystal clear, I found a solitary place near the stern and unpacked the remaining bread and nutella that would be my breakfast. After some short hours we docked under the harsh sun of Sardinia to deposit some of the passengers and pick up a few on the way to Civitavecchia


After we departed the remaining 3 hours went by in a flash. After hurriedly packing my bags I waited and watched as we docked in the rustic old port where so many had come and gone since Roman times. I made my way down to the lower decks when the announcement was made that allowed us to go to our vehicles. Hurriedly I unhooked my bike and clipped on my saddle bags. As soon as the ramp hit the dry earth beneath it I sped off on my way to the train station that would take me to Rome.


Little cars and vespas sped by me but after a short couple of miles I arrived and made it onto the next train that would get me to my destination. It was lovely watching the Italian country whisk by me and turn more and more into the ancient city.


Once I arrived at the station I walked my bike and bags to the front and made my way to my hosts flat that would be my home for the next three nights

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I got a little wordy with this one but it really was just a increadible experience. The next few parts are about all of my time in Italy where I spent nearly a month during the summer of 2016.

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