Barcelona Part 2

Welcome back to another instalment of my little memoirs of traveling this summer. This is the last part of my time in Barcelona. This one probably won’t be too long but here we go!

Last travel post and last hobby post


Not for the first time I was happy to leave my Airbnb hosts house. I woke early enough to pack and then right as my host awoke I handed her the keys said goodbye and thank before making my exit before her verbal gears began to turn at full speed. I made my way to the subway and caught the nearest train to Stuart’s place. Thankfully Stuarts host was gone this allowed me to stow my bags in the flat while we were walking around for the morning.


We made our way once again to the beach meandering and chatting. Stuart wished he could come along but things had been going well with the girl he had been going out with so he was happy to stay and let her mend his broken heart. Eventually we found ourself in the little shopping mall on the docks and Stu decided he needed a haircut. I was also in dire need of a trim and decided to join him. Unfortunately I was left waiting much longer and by the time his hair had been cut the other hair smith had just gotten to me. This interaction was humorous to say the least. I had been washing my hair with a bar of soap for the last month and a half and it became very clear to me that my hairdresser had noticed. She refused to cut my hair until it had been properly shampooed and conditioned. My hair wasn’t dirty by any means I think the was just nervous that she would hurt my dried scalp. Once my hair was properly pampered she buzzed and trimmed my thick mane until it had an appropriate shape. It felt like I had lost a couple of pounds of hair and it was a joy to feel the mediterranean breeze all around me for the first time.

After the haircut we started to make out way back to stuarts, we chatted less and less. I think we both were a little bit sad that we would have to part ways soon. Once we arrived he ran up and grabbed my bags as I unhooked my trusty stead from its confines. with everything attached we shook hands and hugged and at that I departed to the docks.


My ferry was departing late around 10 pm it was only 12 when I departed. So I cycled the short couple of miles to my departure point to find out when I needed to be there to board. The port loading building was a big box with to many people packed inside. I queued up and after a short wait I retrieved my ticked. I also found out that I needed to be at the boarding area about 4 hours before departure. This came as a little bit of a shock but I figured they had to load all the cars and then the people.


As I sat along the steps near the building I decided I had plenty of time to take a little adventure up the coast and back. I had 5 hours to kill so why not.


It was such a joy cycling along the coast passing all of the beautiful beaches filled with beautiful people. The wind constantly pushed me in-land, I enjoyed my little tug of war with the elements. The further I got from the city the more empty and beautiful the beaches became as they usually do. More and more local people where sitting on their private little slices of paradise wondering what this large man on a bicycle was doing so far away from where the tourists belonged.  After about 2 hours and nearly 20 miles I decided that this would be a good point to take a break and enjoy the surf. I sat on the beach and made a couple of little sandwiches with the food I picked up for the ferry ride. It was a nice change of pace my heart ached to continue on bike but my ankle was already feeling tight and sore.


Afte slipping my shoes off I walked in the waves for a while looking all around me attempting to capture the moments in my mind.


After drying my feet I slipped my shoes back on and hopped back on Dorris for the return trip to Barcelona. It was just as pleasant as the ride in as the cities features had miniaturized in the distance and grew larger and larger with every pedal.


Once I arrived back at to the city I decided I needed to eat a paella. I cycled around for a while before getting out of the tourist areas. I found a nice little restaurant and ordered up a seafood Paella for 8 Euro. It was nice having a warm meal like that before departing and it was delicious!


With some remaining time I returned to the beach and sat for a while before departing back to the dock for my little cruise to Rome.


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