Pirate Monkey Visits – Jeroni

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, today I’m writing about my visit with the incredibly talented Jeroni Marti from Barcelona! Check out the last travel post here and the last hobby post here!


Jeroni Marti is a Barcelona native who was kind enough to spend half of a day with me when my plans with Fernando fell through. At the time I really didn’t know who Jeroni was besides the fact that we had a couple of short conversations on Facebook and we regularly liked each other’s work. When he messaged me that evening though my spirits were raised as I always love visiting fellow painters to talk shop and see their inspiring works of art which Jeroni’s definitely is! There must be something in the Catalonian water I swear! All that being said let’s get this show on the road!

One of Jeronis fantastic light sketches

I awoke to the confines of my petite room on the third floor apartment that was my current home. Rising slowly I checked the hallway to make sure I was alone and thankfully I was. Munching on my sparse breakfast of cereal and milk I messaged Jeroni to confirm our meet up. After a brief exchange and a confirmed address I dressed myself and made my way onto the streets of a cool and cloudy Barcelona. Having decided to walk I started off early as Jeroni’s Neighborhood was in another section of the city. The blocks in Barcelona are small and because of that the number of diamond-shaped  4 way intersections is nearly endless. Deja Vu was a regular occurrence due to the similarity of buildings and streets.


After a short while I arrived and messaged my friend to see if he was close, minutes after messaging a tall lean man with a full beard came trotting towards me in a flannel and flip-flops. His entire face was in a smile as he came to shake my hand. We went in to eat at the little restaurant that we were standing in and chatted about my trip over plates of local food that was delicious. Steaming Potatoes, meats and gravies with a few beers in between the conversation left us both happy and full. Jeroni was even kind enough and sneaky enough to pay the full bill without me even finding out. Thanks again for the food!


We entered the streets and Jeroni asked if I wanted to see his neighborhood. Always excited to see new things I gladly accepted. As we walked the streets Jeroni Showed me some of the local sights. We came to a busy square with kids running and playing around a large central clock tower that skimmed the low clouds of the sky. Jeroni told me of his work and also that him and his family were getting ready to move. They guy was also immensely proud and happy of his family, he prefaced any talk of them with a big beard covered smile. Eventually we came almost full circle Jeroni Pointed out a little Horchata and Ice Cream bar and offered to get me one as it was his favorite place. All I can say now is that it was the best Horchata that I have ever tasted and I doubt any other will come close for a long time.

Jeroni invited me to his apartment so that I could take a look at his work. I was so excited the whole elevator ride up. Once we got in and sat Jeroni started to bring small wrapped packages that were filled with his little gems. I felt bad as he was in the process of packing the apartment to move but Jeroni was so excited to share his work. Every piece was incredibly colored and also held a great amount of control and balance. Jeroni was an open book when it came to his process of painting which was a mix of sketching and cleaning the miniatures. His color choices where general just by feeling.

Having gone through all of his painted miniatures we started to repack them all chatting the whole time about his next plans for future projects once he finished moving.  Once everything was put away Jeroni was kind enough to gift me a bust as we walked to the door of his flat. The elevator ride down filled me with happiness and sadness as I knew I had just met a kindred spirit whom I would probably not get to spend time with for a long while.

Thank you once again Jeroni for spending some of your time with me! It truly meant a lot and your enthusiasm and natural skill for painting is still a source of inspiration! I hope to see you again before too long!


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