Pirate Monkey Paints – Bronze NMM

This is the second part of the NMM series that started with Bronze. The goal of this step by step is to share my thought on Brass NMM Brass is a yellow/orenge/green metal  which has a very similar look to gold. Gold has the tendency to look more warmer over all though. That being said lets jump into the step by step!

Here are the Colors used Vallejo Dark Sea Blue, Vallejo Tank Brown, Vallejo Japanese Uniform, P3 Menoth Base, Schmincke Titanium White. Turquoise is also used in a later step!

Starting off by base coating the Brass with Dark Sea Blue. There are two reasons this was done. 1st is to have a starting dark contrast second is that the transparency with the yellow will help it feel more green.

Next Japanese Uniform is blocked it. This it to say it was just layered on heavily to understand where the area of light is building.

A mix of the Menoth Base and Schmincke White are mixed 1-1 and applied to whee the highlight areas will be. This is again blocked in to build sharp contrast.

D.S.B and Japanese Uniform are mixed 1-1 and is applied between the D.S.B and Japanese uniform layers to smooth. This is done with light layering and glazing. Between the White mixand Japanese Uniform Yellow is glazed.

The White mix is pushed into the upper highlights to get the high contrast back. The D.S.B. is placed back in the deep shadows.

Smoothing transitions with glazes again. Mainly done with Japanese Uniform all over.

Final steps! To Start the turquoise for the patina is placed in the areas where the brass and bronze meet. This creates a really pleasant color contrast as well as a nice separation between the two materials. Next Scratches and Edge Highlights are applied this is just done with the white mix.
Over all the effect is very nice. This is a more involved process but if your speed painting the process can be stopped at step three and you can still have a fairly convincing NMM. Hopefully thisnhas proved helpfull in explaining NMM! Just remember that its all about the dark to light contrast! Thanks for reading If there are any questions feel free to ask!!


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