Madrid Part 5

Welcome to the second to last part of my time in Madrid! The last post for my time in is related to someone who is very influential in the miniature painting community and leaves things on a happy note this post has a little bit of tragedy. Here is a link to the previous hobby related blog and the previous travel blog. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this little slice of my adventuring.

I returned from Big Child Creatives to find the house in a stir. Stuart was sadly packing to return to Barcelona and every one else was very busy. Antonio was getting some packing done and Olivia was helping her brother pack for his return to England. Stuart and I hung out for a while and agreed to meet once I made my way over to Barcelona myself. After cooking a small meal in the sweltering kitchen Olivia and I made plans to go on a free tour of Central Madrid with one of her fellow Brits who was studying in Madrid. Plans made and meal eaten I turned in, this was to be interrupted though as Antonio’s dog Niqua was whining and whimpering. This was pretty standard so I ignored it as I heard Antonio comforting her in the living room in spanish. The whimpering stopped and the yelping and howling began. It grew weaker and weaker with every passing moment until the noise stopped asAntonio and his friend depart the flat. Niqua was not to return.

Sadly she had passed away on the late night journey to the vet. We awoke to a dishearten Antonio who we all attempted to console in our own unique ways. Stuart was particularly saddened as he had grown quite attached to the elderly dog who was his constant companion these past weeks. Stuart departed to the bus station and Olivia and I left soon after, walking to the center of old town in Madrid. The large courtyard was engulfed in the diffused sun of a cloudy day something we were all grateful for.

Olivia’s friend joined us soon after a small, dark girl who had an incredibly happy and peppy personality. The leader of the group soon called his quorum to order and we departed on our tour of some of the sites in Madrid. We wound through the cramped streets of the old city passing through various walls and buildings of importance. Eventually our walk took us to the large basilica and royal palace  that sat upon one of the hills overseeing a large park in Madrid. The sight was magnificent and we all sat on our perch drinking our water as well as the sites in front of us. After our brief respite we made our way to a small park near the center where our tour ended.

Our group of three started heading back to town. We stopped for a small snack. Olivia’s friend had a nut allergy and after careful deliberation and after asking the staff she made her selection. Two bites in though she found out the wait staff had no idea what was in their food and started to have an allergic reaction to some kind of nut that was in the food. She raced to the bathroom to take medicine and Olivia went to speak with the management about what had just happened leaving me in a little bit of shock in regards to the madness of the situation. We all left the restaurant and started heading to the metro to get Olivia’s friend home. She felt so sick she threw up on the ground near a tree. Olivia and I did out best to support her and diffuse the embarrassment she was feeling before we all carried on and to the station. Olivia accompanied her back to her place as they had plans for later which left me to my own devices.

I returned to the flat and began packing as I was leaving the flat the next day around noon. The streets were packed with everything rainbow-colored as the gay pride celebration was in full swing. It was nice to see so many people celebrating, I took a quick photo and sent it to my mother who had recently come out to show her that she was not at all alone and she should also be proud of herself for who she was. I returned and packed, munching on the remaining food that had to be refrigerated, decifing to turn in early and watched some Netflix on my tablet.

The second to last day was incredibly busy I had planned to visit the Sarolla museum that was only a short walk away before cycling to Alfonso’s studio on the other side of Madrid. With everything packed up and ready to go the moment I returned I made my way to the museum of one of my favorite impressionist

Usually I would make this its own blog post but the visit as well as the museum was rather small.

The museum devoted to Joaquin Sarolla was a large but cozy house that sat on a particularly well shaded street near the center of the city. The house was very large even by today’s standard with a large garden and patio area. Sarollas studio area was immense. with a high vaulted ceiling and large windows providing an incredible amount of natural sunlight. Every inch of every room was covered with one of Sarollas paintings. His ability to capture natural dramatic light is unparalleled in my opinion surpassing even Monet and the other french impressionist. His mastery of balancing cool and warm colors makes his lighting incredibly beautiful. This skill and understanding also makes his paintings of the beach and reflections mesmerizing.

I returned to the flat in a state of shocked awe and truly inspired and the day was only half complete!

That concludes the last travel blog for Madrid, the next one is a bit of a mix with more of a hobby and painting emphasis as I spent the next 24 hours with Alfonso. Keep an eye out either way as it will be a good one!

Thanks once again for stopping by, I hope you have a fantastic day!


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