Pirate Monkey Visits-Big Child… Again

Welcome back to another installment of Pirate Monkey Paintings journey through Europe! Here’s a link to the last travel blog and the last hobby blog. Each is packed with photos and adventures some are just more hobby related then others!


Once again I was off to see the wizard (Sergio) at Big Child Creatives! I can’t thank Jose enough for letting me be a part of the group for those couple of days. Venturing forth from the flat I made my way once again through the boiling streets of Madrid to the Metro that I rode out to the studio. After stopping at a little market I walked the short distance to the studio happily eating an orange and cherries while sipping on an ice cold water.


I once again arrived at lunchtime, Sergio met me at the ground floor and we walked over to the little cafe to collect some sandwiches. To my delight the barkeeper remembered me and asked if I wanted the same thing I had previously to which I happily agreed. Sandwiches in hand we made our way back to the studio in the elevator and walked back to the small kitchen area in the rear of the building back with the casting crew and their equipment. We ate our little lunch changing back and forth from spanish to english frequently. I discovered that some of the guys working in the casting and quality control where skilled miniature painters as well. They showed me their work and I wondered at the colors and arrangements.

After lunch I returned to my workstation where my little bust was still waiting for me. Sergio was still working on the same box art miniatures that he was working on during my last visit but they had definitely progressed quite a lot! Wet palate and brushes at the ready I began to paint the face blocking in the highlights and beginning on the shadows. Sergio had taken a small break and came to check on me and encouraged me to increase the contrast as well as the different tonalities of color on the face. Taking my bust in hand he showed me what he was looking for on a small portion of the face adding greens reds and various browns into the base skin tone I had mixed. I set forth on my new mission and did my best to match Sergio’s work.


Some of the other members of the team came around giving me little advice on how to treat certain volumes or what colors should go where and why. Happy with the progress and eager to finish the bust before closing time I began on the hair blocking in large highlights and shadows working them back and forth over and over. until something felt right but not quite complete. Sergio showed me a little trick where the hair can be highlighted with little stippling around where the hairline begins to increase the contrast and separation between the two materials. With that complete the only thing left was the wood which was very simple due to the incredible sculpting on the bust. By the time I was finishing every one else was wrapping up their days as well.

I started packing my things away lingering a bit longer than I should have in an attempt to savor the sweet last moments I had at the Big Child studio. I bid farewell to everyone and made my way back to the metro station. I ran into Adrian and we chatted on and on about his hobbies that surprise surprise were also related to fantasy. After he departed I sat on the metro listening to the clicking of the rails and the wind rushing by, remembering the incredible people and lessons I was lucky to get to know and learn.


That’s the end of the experience with the guys at the Big Child Creative studio. Thanks once again to everyone there for everything!

The next hobby post will be about the day and night I spent with Alfonso Giraldez AKA Banshee!!

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