Pirate Monkey Paints – Brass NMM

Hello! NMM (Non Metalic Metal) Is something that is tough to learn! My own experience took me months and months of trial and error before coming to understand the basic concepts. Always eager to push and improve and some inspiration after reading the blog post from Surface fragments the goal to push my NMM was set! He writes about how the old masters achieved metallic surfaces . Specifically about how painted metals specifically golds that are successful tend to have closer value ranges as well as more limited pallets.

Gotta give a shout out to Segio Calvo Rubio for his fantastic instruction on NMM as well! Look out for his classes at Adepticon 2017!

Here are the colors used! Included is a white but the Menoth Base from P3 is the main highlight. More on this later. Japanese uniform (Vallejo), Snakebite Leather (Citidel) and Bloodstone (P3) are the middle tones. Tank Brown (Vallejo) and Dark Sea Blue (Vallejo) Are the shadow colors Lastly Red Ink from P3 is a Glaze or Tint color
To Start Japanese Uniform is painted over the areas where white Primer is touching. This allows you to see where the initial contrast is.
Next the Tank Brown and Menoth Base are painted into the areas of extreme highlights and shadows. They are blocked out and not meant to be smooth yet. The thinking is to hold onto the contrast.
Snake Bite Leather and Bloodstone are painted in to start to create the transition from the middle yellow to dark brown.
The yellow was sort of lost so I introduced that again as well as the Menoth Base
Next the Menoth base was mixed 2 parts MB with one part Schmincke white and was then painted to the extreme highlights. Those with Menoth Highlight can just use that. Tank Brown and Dark Sea Blue where mixed 1-1 and then Painted as the darkest shadow. This mixture is a lovely shadow and I find myself using it more then black for my shadows.
Next the whole thing is glazed and tinted with that Red Ink from P3. This is really just about glazing until you think  it looks right The light colors will shift pink. This is actually good because it adds more nuanced color!
The last step is simply adding back in Menoth Base for the highlights and the DSB/TB mix to the shadows. I also added a little Bloodstone as well stippling it in
The Brass is now framed with DSB around. This will let you observe the contrast in relationship with whats around it!


Closing thoughts on the Brass. The final tone as well as the texture of the stippling is very nice. The contrast is pleasing as well. The final over all effect isn’t necessarily a perfect representation of brass as a metal. The light source could be refined as well over all though I’m very pleased!


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