Madrid Part 4 – Reina Sofia

Welcome back to part 4 of my European travel blog! Thanks for checking it out. Here’s a link to the previous travel post and the previous hobby post.


The Reina Sofia Museum is a temple to all things modern and surreal. It is a different planet and a different reality. This Museum experience influenced my art in a dramatic way. Its made me even more courageous in my experimentation of my own art for better or worse and consider ideas and realities more then perfect transitions and composition. With all that being said I’m going to jump into telling you about that day.


Stuart and I departed in the mid morning to the Raina Sofia. It was just a short walk from the flat again as every thing tended to be living in the center of town. The building is a stark contrast to the other museums. The museum like the artwork held inside was modern. Cold, sharp, and angular its monolithic form jutted from the ground, with twin glass elevators which took the form of guard towers in my mind. Its immense 158,830 Sq Ft floor plan (3 football fields) is a large. There are 4 floors stacked on to the square building shape with a large sculpture garden in the center.


The two of us paid our entry fees and entered. We both then became lost in this new world moving through different sections filled with modern art from the various masters. Picasso of course the shining star of Modern art was featured quite a lot. The Guernica is housed in this museum. The giant canvas was incredible, its depiction of wartime violence was heart wrenching. It feels very alive even in its simple blacks whites and grays.


For me there is a true emotion to many modern art works a snapshot of some ones differing reality or a scene from a dream. To some Modern Art is shit, this is ok. You don’t have to like it that’s the beauty of it as well I suppose!

Some of the Art had a very tribal feeling to it. Energetic and evil. Many had a very fantastic feeling to it because its not realistic. There where Cubist and Modern sculptures I had to ponder at the idea of painting smaller versions of these types of sculptures and how interesting it could be.

The surrealist paintings where of course surreal. Shifting forms that bleed into and out of reality forming new volumes and shapes. Heavens and Hells or both.

There was a Bust Painted by Dali that really captured me. One half of the face was bricked of the other showed a landscape with a single figure.


It told such a story about the inner workings of the person that Dali was attempting to capture just in his classic surrealist manner. I wondered if there was a way to bring this surrealism to miniature painting.


The finally of our tour was the contemporary art section. This was the one that split us the most. Both of us found some of the pieces to be complete garbage others we had to disagree upon.


After exiting the museum we spent a long time sitting and contemplating everything that we had just seen while looking out at the beautiful train station across the way.


The day had certainly been interesting. On our walk back we discussed some of our favorite pieces and what we thought of the experience as a whole. We both planned on meeting up in Barcelona to visit some more modern museums when I arrived there!

Just to close this out, I would challange my miniature painting friends to check out modern and contemporary art. I firlmy believe that to push our art further we need to delve into more ideas and experimentation. Of course all things need to be done in balance but expand your horizons and as the great Picasso said “Learn all the rules so you can break them.”

Cheers and thanks for stopping by.


Link to Imgur Album.


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