Madrid Part 3 – Theme Park

Hey welcome back. Just a little FYI to formatting my travel blog post will usually orient around where I am and the sequence. The more Hobby and Art related write ups will head with Pirate Monkey does something. That being said here’s the link to the last travel blog and last hobby blog!


The day after my visit to Big Child Creatives I was in the mood just to hang out and relax. My friend Stuart invited me to go on an exploration of the town with him and despite my intent to stay in I agreed! We walked around me trying to keep up with his swift pace. I let him lead as I was in no mood to think about where to go, every thing would be new and interesting no matter what. We ended up at a park that was high above one part of the city. It had a fantastic view and really showed the city reaching out into the arid distance. It was at this moment Stuart decided it would be a good idea to visit an amusement park. It took a little convincing but eventually I gave in and agreed to tag along with him. We journeyed to the park walking for a long way.


Once we arrived we got in line, paid out entry fee and entered. It was actually fairly nice but we where soon to discover something that would make out visit extremely long. We had a small taste of hell that day, nearly endless lines and blistering heat but on top of that all there where packs of middle schoolers on a trip to the park. Our shortest line was about an hour and fifteen min long our longest was about 3 hours. The 3 hour wait was worth it in the end because the coaster was so fun and intense. Lots of loops and spins, By the end I was laughing my head off. For some reason laughing is my natural reaction to this kind of intensity. My good friend looked more dazed and confused but with a slight smile on his face. By the end of the day I could tell that Stuarts northern temperament was not ready for such extreme heat for such a long time. He was a nice crispy red color by the end of the day.


Long into the afternoon we decided it was time to return to the flat, we walked to the nearest Metro station and took a couple of trains back home. We had nearly forgotten that Antonio had invited us to a little going away party he was hosting at the flat. He was retiring to Mexico and this was one of his many going away events. Stuart and I stopped by the little shop nearby and picked up a bottle of wine. We both chipped in 10 Euro because every one had been going on about how great a bottle that expensive would be.


We showed up a little late and pulled up chairs. We were invited to snack on some of the appetizers set out and we happily and hungrily dove in. The other guests asked us some questions about where we where from, what we thought of Madrid and I of course got quizzed about the US election as the Spanish election was coming up in a couple of days. The Conversation shifted over into Spanish politics and all the more heated things got the more the conversation shifted into Spanish. The whole crowd as you guessed it was fairly liberal and where worried about gay rights and other social issues which I can agree on. Soon after that the main course was served and we all ate without too much conversation happening. The whole crowd was pretty hungry I guess. After dinner more wine got brought out and Stuart and I tasted the bottle we had purchased. I can say without a doubt it was one of the best red wines I’ve ever had. The conversation had switched to Spanish as every one was tired and full and beginning to get a little tipsy from all the wine. Many toasts to Antonio were made and I enjoyed the little event very much. Stuart having a hard time understanding much of anything decided to excuse himself. Shortly after that I did the same thing. My ankle was sore from all the walking but the wine dulled the pain a little . After an episode of something and a few messages home I fell right asleep.

The next day I slept in it was fantastic. I was incredibly excited as I was going to meet up with Rafael later to hangout and paint! I took the morning to draw and relax after the long past few days.

Thanks for reading. This was a pretty normal day and not super interesting but I hope the photos helped make it worth it. The next few will be pretty hobby related as Im visiting Volomir, Big Child again and finally Banshee before I depart to Barcelona

here’s the link to the Imgur album! Feel free to use any of the images for reference and inspiration.

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