Pirate Monkey Visits – Big Child Creatives

Thanks for stopping by to check out my little adventure! This one will be very hobby related. Check out the last part here!


The Morning of the 24th I woke up giddy. Today was the day I was going to visit the Big Child Creatives crew! The previous day I had been chatting with Sergio about coming to visit and after a quick check with Jose he said it would be ok if I came to paint after noon. The sun scorched the ground as I made my way to the Madrid subway to make my way out to the studio. Big Child Creatives is in a outlying neighborhood of Madrid so it took a little while to reach but I was more then happy to spend the time. I walked from the station to the large building that holds the famous studio and buzzed what I hopped was the right button. Thankfully Sergio replied and soon he was walking out the door to great me. I was elated to see another friendly face, Sergio is not only a super nice guy but a incredible artist. We rode the elevator up to the middle floor and exited the small hall into the studio space. Jose came out to greet me, I was so thankful for letting me come and spend some time here. He extended me a open invite to come paint whenever I was in the area. I was floored and humbled. Jose is also a fantastic artist by the way, but most of his time these days is devoted to making sure things run smoothly at Big Child. Sergio showed me to a desk where I could paint and quickly introduced me to the other gents in the studio. Rubin Martinez who is another one of Big Childs in studio painters and Sergios Master as he likes to put it. The Adrians (Prado and Rio) Both fantastic illustrators one specializing in graphic design the other dipping his toe into 3D sculpture. The Casting crew Victor and Guille. There’s more of them but my memory fails me.  After all the introductions Sergio invited me to lunch in the small cafe outside.


Down the elevator we went, the cafe was just the building over. Sergio introduced me to the barkeeper who took our orders. Sergio ordered a squid sandwich and after a little convincing got me to order one to. For a minute I thought I was ordering something with slimy squid but it ended up being essentially a deep-fried calamari five dollar foot long with this delicious mayonnaisey substance. You can’t get that at subway, and it was actually 3 Euro. I ate my delicious new favorite food with passion and chatted with Sergio about my journey he chatted with me about Madrid and painting projects.


We headed back up to the studio and Sergio asked what I wanted to do. I could either paint or watch. I decided to watch until some of star stuck feeling passed. Sergio was painting black leather on some female figures and he described one of the processes he uses.


Sergio would layer up one place using little pushing movements until he achieved his desired opacity and then he would glaze to smooth. after every step up he would use a smoothing glaze to keep things even. But his brushstroke would change as well depending on what he was painting. usually he would use the pushing motion for his layers but occasionally Sergio would use a small striking motion to introduce noise before glazing it down.


After showing me this he showed me the three other figures he was going to have to repeat this process on and again asked me if I wanted to paint. This time I agreed but I had nothing to paint. “No problem, you came to the right place!” Sergio said with a wink and a smile. He walked through the doors to the casting room and after a few moments returned with a small bust from the Enigma line. For the first time I had the pleasure of breaking out my small travel painting kit! I arranged my wet pallet and Primed my bust. My vision for the small dwarf looking character was to be someone who dwelt close to or on the ocean with rusted and patinad armor. I went to work on the shoulder pad doing my best to put into practice this newly learned method.

I started with a aqua color and mixed it up to a light cream for my highest light point. every now and then my members of the studio would come by and give me some helpful criticism. Occasionally I would take a break and watch one of the other artists preform. One did a glaze layer with his airbrush on a small section of a 32 mm figure. Sergio’s master was painting a crazy purple and green monster it was incredible to see him building atmosphere and light on these models.  Sergio’s models to came to life as well. He apologized for having such boring figures but I was enthralled to see him work on darker small figures as they can sometimes be very difficult subject matter.

I returned to my bust inspired and started work on the NMM of the large shoulder pad. I was inspired by the textured NMM I had seen on some of the studio figures around me and wanted to give it a go. Both of the miniature painters where in a meeting with Jose so I went to one of the illustrators with a question about light. He gave me such a excellent answer and feedback! Miniature Painters if you have Illustrator friends pick their brains sometimes. Even though it was course it felt right. After I was somewhat happy with the NMM I moved on to the Busts Face. This face has some crazy volumes! I got the basic volumes painted on the face and every thing else got base coated.

Every one was packing up for the day so I figured it would be a good idea to do the same. Jose came out to ask if the studio was what I expected. “Every thing and more then I could imagine” I replied. He extended the open invitation again as we shook hands and I took off for the day.

Thank you so much for the fantastic experience that day to every one at Big Child Creatives. You made me feel like part of the crew for a little while and I learned so much just from being around your greatness for such a small amount of time.

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Also just another note Sergrio is coming to Adepticon 2017 to teach! You don’t want to miss it at all so keep a look out for registration!

Sergio’s Putty and Paint


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P.S. Thanks to Shoshie Bauer for inviting me to drive these guys around at Adepticon 2016. You where a large part of making this visit possible.

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