Musee D’Orsay and the Eiffel Tower

Welcome back to my Blog! This is the second half of my second day in Paris. I hope you enjoy! Here is the first part!


I Started my short 1km walk over the Pont du Carrousel to the Musee D’Orsay it was still raining and everyone was taking photos of the Seine. At the time I had no Idea how bad the flooding actually was until I finally now looked at photos. Check it out

I finally arrived and stood in the que picked up my ticked, dropped off my backpack keeping my sketchbook and pencil. As soon as I stepped into the main hall I knew I had found my place. The Musee D’Orsay was at one point a train station, it is also a very large building. About 2 and a half American football fields. These walls where lined almost exclusively with painting of impressionists, expressionist and romantic paintings with some sculpture scattered around.

 I honestly didn’t know where to start here because everything was so appealing. I was also starving, having come to this realization I made my way to the small cafeteria at the back left of the museum. On my walk I let my eyes wander everything was so magnificent. I concluded to simply start my tour by circling the walls and moving up a floor when I had finished another. The cafeteria was unfortunately packed full so the poor server announced that we would have to wait in line until a table cleared or we would have to find food elsewhere. I decided to wait it out, many people left after the first announcement and that allowed me to move up a substantial ways. After 15 minutes I was happily munching on a apple, croissant and a blueberry muffin. My stomach now filled with carbohydrates I began my exploration.

I started with some interesting sections depicting the middle east the paintings of the deserts and the people that inhabited this region where some of my favorites.

They had a much different color palate and displayed the beauty in all its forms of the region. Next up where the impressionist, expressionist and post impressionists. These are my favorite genre for me they evoke the most emotion. Truly capturing a moment in time not in perfection but as if in a memory.

I made my way up the floors moving room to room. I found the small collection of Van Gogh paintings. These were some of my favorites. Personally I love to see the brushstroke in the paint, seeing the texture and color that he used moved me and is a constant inspiration to continue my own art.

I took a respite on the second floor, my feet and ankle aching and throbbing. I decided to do a quick study of a painting showing some men scraping a wood floor, the light of the slitted window falling over them when a British american girl sat down and started to do the same.


She was a student studying some kind of fashion design. She had to do a certain amount of studies for classwork but as I quickly found out she loathed it. Not just the studies but her chosen art as well. after drawing and chatting for about 10 min she said her farewell and left me wondering how someone who hates what they are doing given the option would continue doing it. After sketching for a few more minutes I stopped and continued through the hall. I finally came upon the Monet section. After spending so much time in the French countryside I feel that Monet has truly captured that timeless essence of the country. It was incredible to see paintings that I had been in love with since I was a child.


After spending some time in the Monet section I made my way back to the balcony and observed some of the lovely sculptures.

I started to make my way around to the left side balcony but discovered it was closed. This was one of the areas where paintings where being moved to for safekeeping during the flooding. Disappointed I made my way back down stairs doing a final look at some of my favorites on this floor before exiting to make my way to the Eiffel Tower.


I slowly walked the rainy streets of Paris along the Seine towards my destination. Along the nearly 3 km walk Police cars were constantly whizzing by. This was a turbulent time In Paris due to changes in labor laws as well as tensions with the government about immigration. Thankfully somehow I managed to avoid it non intentionally, though in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea to just be walking around not knowing entirely where I was going. Any how on my walk I passed the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais as well as the Palais Bourbon. The bridges in this section were adorned with some lovely sculpture and design.

I attempted to contact Benoit Menard from LeBeN Models but unfortunately he was busy both days I was remaining in Paris. He runs a Miniature company that produces great figures and his paint is just lovely.

Painted by Benoit Menard, Sculpted by Allan Carrasco

Check them out here!


I decided to take a path into the Champ de Mars so that I could have my first look from the center of the park. I feel like I made the right choice. The Eiffel Tower is much bigger than I thought originally it would be maybe 2/3rds the size it was or even half. Its 1063 ft point scrapped the sky.


I made my way closer and closer to the base passing underneath and through the bottom. I made my way across the  Pont D’Iena bridge to the Palais de Chaillot for a incredible view.


It was time to head back to the flat and get some rest. My phone had long died at this point so I was left to make my way back to Courbevoie via the metro on my own! Somehow I managed it without having to ask for direction even. I know a bit of this was luck and another part was Jack teaching me how to navigate metro systems.

After a short walk back over the Seine I made it home. I heated up the oven and made my premade pie of some sort. It was delightful. I watched some Netflix  and searched for some local bike shops as the goal for the next day was to find a front bike rack. I fall asleep quickly sore but fully contented and overwhelmed with my day.


Here is the folder of all the photos I took for every one as reference!






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