Last weeks in England

 Let me take you way way back. to only a couple months ago, hard to believe now.

I would Like to start this post out by giving a gigantic thanks to Mr. Jack Crowe for taking me in during my first month in England. Next I would like to thank Matthew Pearce, Paul Bullock, Daniel Illingworth, Andy Wardle, Sean Spud Tate, And Nick Fields for  making my first Month in England one I’ll never forget

I set off on my first set solo adventure through the London underground to pick up my bike. I had spent the past day making sure my route was good and I double checked it with the master of the underground Jack Crowe. I swear this guy has the time tables for most tracks memorized!


With everything looking good I set out. London whisked by me in a sunny blur, the day was beautiful day and my ankle was even doing a little bit better. I didn’t get lost on the underground thankfully! I had to walk about a mile and a half to the bike shop. In Twickenham. No big deal but my ankle was throbbing by the time I got there. I picked up my bike a shiny new British made Ridgeback Tour (named Doris, thanks Matt) grabbed a couple of water bottles a travel tire pump and a helmet because god knows i’m clumsy as hell. zipped off back to the trains. What took around almost 20 min on foot tools maybe 5 on the bike. It Felt like i was flying. Getting her home on the underground wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be thankfully. Jack was very worried.

Once I got back to Chesham I grabbed a snack on main street and did a longer test ride of the 5 mile loop. The next morning I cycled the same route in reverse to continue to get used to my new wheels. It has much thinner wheels as well as racing handlebars so I had to get used to this as well as cycling on the left side of the road (Beyonce saved me here) Of course there was plenty of painting as well I finished up a Space wolf for Jack and the infinity Hacker for Charity.

A couple of days after the initial test ride I loaded the bike up and did a longer 10 mile ride fully weighted. I got a little lost but that’s half the fun, getting to see new stuff on the way home. The hills where steep and killer but it was good to get used to it know rather than later! That was the last ride in the Uk until I got to France and honestly it was the last sunny day for a while as well.

Starting Friday the madness began. I in partnership with Asylum Wargaming (check them out great guys agreed to fully paint the Silver tower box set in 3 days assembly included . Earlier in the Month I met Steve and Spud at Warhammer fest. I got to meet them and chat a bit. So when I heard they were doing a special with them i got ahold of Steve to propose assembling painting, playing and streaming via google hangouts with the full set to encourage others to take advantage of the deal and paint the game with their friends and how it could even be a good time. He agreed and come release day I received the Warhammer Quest box.


For those just here for the travel bits the next portion is Miniature painting and hobby heavy.

Jack and i started assembling the first day and managed to get everything based and primed. The strategy for the day was essentially to get groups snipped and cleaned in a assembly line. As long as the general mold lines where cleaned we called them good. They Where then glued we didn’t bother with filling the gaps. Early in the Day before lunch I took advantage of a really nifty basing trick. I rolled out milliput into very thin sheets with my exacto knife between sheets of paper. I let the putty set for a few min and then pressed into it with some rubber stamps with interesting designs. I did this early so that by the time everything was assembled i could cut the dried milliput and glue the base design done send then the figures. Thanks to Jack and by Proxy Ben Komets for that idea!


Day number two I got all the regular troopers done. The the basic plan was to get these guys knocked out in quarters of the day I started with the horrors. Ill take some time to describe the colors and processes. With the pink horrors I started with fluorescent pink and shaded it down with blue ink. The gold metal are a basic base coat wash base coat and then one highlight. For the silver it was glazed with turquoise ink and then purple ink.


With the blue horrors I based in blue in over the priming and then shaded with black same gold process.


Yellow horrors yellow ink shaded with red ink.


The reason I used inks so much with these is to keep the color super vibrant and intense. With the acolytes i started with the skin tones. I base coated all and then proceeded to feather in the shadows. I like to think of muscles as spheres and cylinders so that I’m not as nervous about the approach. I used a basic skin tone, shaded with a Tank Brown painted over again with the basic skin tone. Next came the armor I base coated turquoise and then feathered dark blue. Gold was the same process as above and the silver was similar base coat wash with turquoise and then purple ink,  base coat and then a highlight. The leather was Snakebite Leather and shaded with Tank Brown again.


Another note when speed painting look for areas to repeat colors. The goal is uniformity not every element needs to be unique in these situations. For the goblins I used strong tone to wash the black cloth as well as black ink until it was dark but i also maintained some highlights. Next the green skin was base coated washed and the base coated again


 After this it was time for dinner. Jack is a miracles worker in the kitchen.


 The end of the night I started the Tzangores (cocka doodle doo muthafuckas!) all I managed to do was get the base coating done. That day we had some fantastic people hop onto the hang out with us including Daniel Illingworth, Sean Spud Tate, Matt Pearce, Paul Bullock and many others.

Day number three I wont lie I was a little burnt out. I woke up late because I was up to about 2 or 3 in the morning . I started off by finishing the Tzangores. The basic process for them was to base coated in a light blue color and then selectively was and feather then shadows down with blue ink and dark sea blue. The gold and silver processes where repeated.


Next up where up next after a pleasant interruption of Paul coming to say hey and of course take the piss out of anything with a pulse. It was great to see his face and get his travel advice. (If you meet me ask me). The heroes where handled in a assembly line way with every thing that would be similar getting knocked out first. First the gold then the silver then the reds and blue. After that they where painted on their own to make them Unique. Black skin tones for the priest, crazy colors for the tzeetch bad guy. Unique skin tone quickly painted with loaded brush for the demon, and the caucasian skin tones for the remaining characters. After everyone was done the bases where painted. With a very simple base coat of gold wash with green ink and then drybrush (GASP!) gold again. The base was purple with some read feathered near the edge for evil water.


With everything finished Jack, Dan (fantastic guy hung out the whole way) and myself through a Google hangout played the game until 4 or 5 in the morning. If you’re thinking the game couldn’t be that good think again it’s great, GW really hit it out of the park. Are these miniatures display quality? By no means but I had a great time sitting around painting with friends and by the end of it we painted 51 miniatures and had a blast! Who knows I may even come back and touch the kit up on another weekend.


 Monday was essentially a chill day we where exhausted and got up in the early afternoon. Watched some Netflix then played more silver tower. Tuesday was essentially the same deal except I also had to pack. Matt came over and even played for a while and then he had to say his goodbyes.Thanks to Matt pierce the guys a legend and was kind enough to look after the belongings I couldn’t take with me on my adventure.

Jack and I continued to play and even finished the Firefly series. We ended the day with a great chat.

The following morning everything got strapped to my bike and we headed to Kings Cross. Then it was just a matter of finding the entrance to platform 9 3/4 and I was off to Hogwarts. Just kidding. That comes later in this adventure. But I got checked, dropped the bike off,said final goodbyes and I was off. For my American friends train security is really toned down. It’s just a X-Ray, metal detector, and passport check. So essentially high school security in some parts of the USA. I found my carriage stowed my bags and seat. Luckily I happens to sit next to a really Nice Luxembourgish (hope that’s spelled right) girl who was reading The Martian and we chatted the whole way to Paris.

Thats all for this one! Next time I will be writing about finding my AirBnb and the Louvre. That should be coming out this weekend so keep an eye out for it! If there are any questions feel free to ask them! Please Share if you enjoyed this post!

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