Pirate Monkey Lands in England

Hey its Anthony!
Im sorry its taken so long to write this first post from this point forward depending on my travels I will put up a blog post every Friday or Saturday. It will include my daily occurrences as well as lessons in painting I have learned. That being said I shall now regale you with the highlights of the first few weeks in England.

I flew out of Chicago landed in Toronto where I had a 4 hour layover. From there I flew to Dublin where I had a 5 hour Layover.




When I finally arrived in England I as pretty exhausted but ain’t no rest for the wicked. Jack and I met at a Victoria train station and hoped a train and later in the evening we arrived in the beautiful town of Chesham. I Was fed a fantastic traditional english supper drank some Hard Cider was gifted a fantastic scarf by Matt and went to bed. The fallowing day passed in a blur Jack showed be the countryside and town.




On my second day Jack and I headed for London and the national Gallery on the fallowing day. The national gallery is immense you could spend a 2-3 days there alone.



For lunch we met up with Paul Bullock and had fancy fish and chips. The day ended with more time at the gallery and a train ride home. The next few days where spent painting and enjoying the countryside.




I also began the search for a touring bicycle, Ive had terrible luck up until the last week trying to get one. Needless to say the customer service of some of these places is lacking in quality.

At some point Jack and I found out that Warhammer Fest aka Games Day aka Golden Demon was happening in about 10 days. Tickets where promptly ordered and a trip to a GW store was in order. It was there that I picked up the Ork Shaman, the clock was ticking. The search for the Touring Bicycle also continued, another trip to London was made with no luck.




On the plus side we visited the London Portrait museum which was a pleasure. To many incredible busts and paintings.



At some point between then and The Fest we found out that our ride was only going to Coventry for Saturday not Sunday when the Golden Demon was. Train tickets where picked up more painting was done. The evening before I fallowed the time honored tradition of saying up extremely late painting (until 3:00 am) the day of barely sleeping and then hopping a train. I barely made the cut off time to submit my entry. It was due at 12 pm and thats exactly when I got it submitted.





I found it very nostalgic being at a Games Day Uk the last one I attended I was entering young bloods and it was almost exactly 10 years ago. It was always a dream of mine to attend one in the Uk. After submitting my entry I spent the remaining time meeting up with friends that I’ve only chatted with through the internet. There are too many to name!




I was invited to lunch by Rafael and got to spend some great time in the company of more of the Spanish painters and Tomas Pekar. We ended up at a Pizza Hut, it was glorious. Not because I was home sick but because I hadn’t had any substantial Carbs in so long (Jack and Andy if you’re reading this I’m sorry). By the time we returned it was nearly time for the award ceremony. I spent the time in between making one more circle checking out the entries again. It was fantastic getting to see the awards being presented. So much energy! Unfortunately the event was tore down pretty quickly after that and every one skittered to the winds. That evening drinks were had with the Spanish guys a few Brits and Tomas. Drinks were had art works were looked at and learning was done! It really was overall a great time, mainly because of the great people.




That Leads us to this week! If you’ve made it this far thank you! The following day Jack and I met up with Raphael in London and more Drinks were had. It was fantastic talking paint with those two, I’m all the more excited then ever to get to Madrid.




Tuesday I finally struck gold. I found a bicycle that was in my price range, my size and in stock. The problem was I just had to wait for a refund from the other scumbags that took my money even though the product wasn’t in stock but their web page showed it was. More painting was done, usually after a competition I have a ton of creative energy I have to get out. Work started on a Space Wolf Terminator.




The following day Thankfully I got a refund so I was able to finally purchase My bike which is now waiting in Twickenham for me.




Unfortunately a few days ago I sprained my ankle on some slippery wooden farm stairs. Thankfully it is on the mend. During the first couple of days having a banged up ankle I was able to get quite a few things done. I ordered saddlebags for my Bike, secured a place to stay for Monte San Savino, found my flight to Rome, and my return flight to the United States, and lastly got a train ticket to Paris. If anyone knows someone there I’m looking for a place to say! Getting Back on track Thursday Jack and I were fortunate enough to hang out with some great people for Roman Lapat’s first Hobby Hangout. It was great getting to meet one of my great inspirations and it shocked me when he said he wanted to attend My NNM class that I will be teaching in a couple weeks.


We share the Idea that learning can happen from any one. Later that evening we got to hang out with Sean Spud Tate and many others in his Chilling Wargamers show which is always a blast. I hosted a hangout later and helped some painters out with questions they had. Yesterday was just spent relaxing Icing and painting. I also finished the infinity piece for Spuds Auction as well as the Eadbanger online painting comp.

That concludes the events up to this point. Going forward if course I will be heading to Paris. If I can I may attempt a trip to Bath England but who knows what will happen. Monday I will pick up my bike and start to break it in. Other then that I don’t have any plans. If you’re in England and near London and want to hang out or paint let me know! Also when I return to England from my tour in Europe I am planning on teaching couple of beginners classes geared towards those what want to learn more about figure painting!

Cheers until next time!

Anthony Rodriguez

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