Put on notice. 

The last cord has been cut. I put in my notice at work and I must say its bitter sweet. The people at T-Mobile have been like family to me for the past two years. There are to many people to name who have helped me and who I have had the great fortune to help. I have a chance to pursue my dream of being a professional artist. Will it be challenging yes. But the lessons I’ve learned with the past jobs I’ve had will help me push through and never give up!

I will start developing more detailed plans for my trip through Europe and the U.K. The outline currently is to arrive in Dublin head to my friends near London for 2-3 weeks to get over my jet lag. Purchase a touring bike. Head to Paris and spend a week there visiting museums and then start my bike trek from Paris to Madrid. I plan to stay in Madrid for 1-2 weeks of possible before taking a bus to Barcelona. I then plan on biking around the Mediterranean to Rome (it’s going to take a while but be so beautiful)spending possibly a week in Rome. Then taking a bus or train to Kronstanz to spend some time with a friend before taking another bus or train to Berlin. I would love to spend a week or two in Berlin! After that I plan on biking to Amsterdam where I will take a ferry to the north uk and cycling back to the London area. For the next while I will be teaching and taking commissions up to hopefully going to Monte San Savino which will be the end of the trip! I will sit down with a calendar the next week or two to plan our the details as close as possible but this plan give me a lot of flexibility! I will post up the full list of cities and such as well.

And that’s All I got to say about that.


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