Adventures With Oils

Today this Pirate Monkey is trying to do a little monkey see monkey do, with a little bit more guess work! Today we do a study of one on the Masters in the Miniature painting world. Most every one has seen Kirill Kanaevs work. Last year he Won best of show with his Space Marine Termanator at Crystal Brush. I know I was wondering “how on earth did he do the blue and red?!” Besides the crazy embroidery (Kirill calls it the illumination :D) it is actually a fairly simple concept that actually only involves a few supplies.

Heres the List
-Alizarin Chrimson
-Cadmium Red
-Mineral Spirits or turpentine
-And Stand Oil because its translucent and helps the oil dry more quickly (It also smells lovely like sap)


So what next! We sketch with black and white! This takes a little bit of knowledge and creativity when it comes to they way light reflects off of a surface but just think of things in basic forms like cubes cones and spheres. When you go from one surface to the next think dont just paint, think and then act.



Next comes the think that every one thinks is this crazy impossible technical think to do. Its just a glaze though. Mix some stand oil and mineral spirits with whatever oil paint you want. I chose to go with red its my favorite color to be honest. Then start to apply the glaze it needs to be see through so that the black and white can be seen through it. Then reapeat until it is as intense as you want. This is my result after only one glaze. The scratches and light will be manipulated more but it has to be done with oil paint now.





.I will do another update the more I do! This technique is really great for large flat surfaces like tanks and even thinks like Space Marines the only thing is once something is oil it has to stay oil!


Cheers Anthony


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