Pirate Monkey Sets Sail for Europe!!

“It’s a Dangerous business going out of your door. Your step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to” – J.R.R. Tolkien


This Pirate is going to Europe this summer and not for one of those small 1-2 week tourist trips. I’m planning on 6-8 months if I can! Culminating in competing at Monte San Savino! You may be thinking your crazy! Well I think your right. This is something I have dreamed of doing for quite some time. The main purpose of my trip is to visit As many Miniature painters and Art museums to study from the great works of art in my pursuit of becoming a Professional Painter and Sculptor. But I Need to be immersed in something other then the doldrum of the mid-west that I have been living in for to long. Besides that I recently was broken up with, and have truly no reason to stay here.


But how will you pay for it?! Working my ass off of course! I’m also selling all the shit in my life that really isn’t important (and a engagement ring). So if you need a Xbox one come April hit me up. I’ve also been working as many painting commissions as I can and i’m also accepting commissions so if you want a one of a kind painted figure or oil painting let me know (yes I just tastelessly plugged my services). Besides that Ive been cutting back on things that I need less of like central heating, food, and home internet (I put my internet needs in your hands John Legere) I’m already half way to my savings goal and if you think i’m worthy of your support and want to donate a buck Ill be starting a go fund me, and no I don’t think i’m entitled to any money but if you want to help out a starving art students american (European?) dream I wont say no.


During my trip i’m planning on visiting Ireland, The UK, France, Spain, Maybe Africa (I miss the rains) Italy, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. I’m leaving Belgium alone as they rightly deserve as I would just be passing through to France. So if you or anyone you know can host a polite neat guest for a few days in any of those countries I would be eternally grateful! I will be arranging more exact dates as the time draws closer! Well that’s all I got for right now. Thanks for reading, This is where I will keep everyone up to date on this trip!


Anthony Rodriguez P.S.


I already have my flight, Passport and I’ve put in the notice on my Duplex. Cheers!

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